Coolway develops low-heat technologies for damage-free hair styling


LOS ANGELES — After five years of research and clinical studies, Coolway is looking to transform the hair care industry with its Coolway "Low Heat Styling Revolution," which uses products and moisture-sensitive styling tools that avoid intense heat and the damage it causes.

Coolway's low-heat flat iron has won six beauty awards by giving women smooth, straight hair without heat damage. This flat iron incorporates AutoSense technology, which detects the moisture level in your hair, and automatically sets to the precise temperature needed — always below 299 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the company.

Broadening its portfolio, Coolway has just launched the True Smooth spray, featuring a new technology that allows you to avoid using a flat iron altogether, the company stated. True Smooth contains Coolway's amino lock MAB molecule, which is activated by a blow dryer to hold style from the inside of the hair as you are drying it. With True Smooth, you get flat iron results without using an actual flat iron, according to the manufacturer, and it strengthens hair up to four times and reduces breakage by 75%.

Consumers can complete the salon look at home with Coolway's Go Pro Dryer. It was developed to avoid damage by reducing heat and increasing blow dryer airflow. This allows those styling their hair to avoid damage, dryness and frizz, while also cutting blow-drying time in half.

There’s also the Coolway Cool Cleanse Shampoo and Cool Hydrate Conditioner. This protein-rich duo is infused with Coolway's amino lock MAB molecule for soft, hydrated, healthy hair.


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