Crest aims to help gum, teeth sensitivity

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Crest aims to help gum, teeth sensitivity

Crest wants to change the way consumers with sensitive gums brush their teeth.

To aid in keeping discomfort at bay, the Cincinnati-based company is expanding its gum health-focused toothpastes with the Crest Gum and Sensitivity addition.

Targeting the gum lime to provide healthier gums and sensitivity relief, the new formula also helps prevent further sensitivity by wrapping teeth in a shield of protection against hot and cold food triggers, the company said.

"Crest is tackling sensitivity at the gum line, where we know a majority of sensitivity starts. People shouldn’t have to avoid their favorite foods and drinks in fear of the tooth sensitivity that can come with them," Carlos De Jesus, vice president of oral care North America at Procter & Gamble, said. “Our new Crest Gum and Sensitivity toothpaste provides instant sensitivity relief by blocking tubules for relief within days, by tackling sensitivity at the gum line. We want people to get back to enjoying their favorite treats with reduced sensitivity pain."

In addition, Crest Gum and Sensitivity uses stannous fluoride to target the gum line to help neutralize plaque bacteria, while the formula works to protect against and treat sensitivity discomfort, the company said.

Shoppers can find the brand's new Gum and Sensitivity offering in All Day Protection, Gentle Whitening and Refreshing Mint varieties at drug stores and at mass retailer, and on e-commerce sites.