Dermovation develops new do-it-yourself back hair removal system for men


CINCINNATI — Looking to help men embarrassed of their back hair, Dermovation has launched BrazilianBack, a do-it-yourself back hair removal product.

“If you’re a man with back hair, it can have a huge impact your behavior,” stated David Sullivan, developer of BrazilianBack. “You don’t want to take your shirt off, swim in public or shower at the gym. Back hair removal options, such as lasers, are expensive, and shaving requires someone else’s help. Men are looking for a product that they can use in the privacy of their own homes to remove their own back hair, which is why I developed the BrazilianBack system. Not only is our system do-it-yourself, but treatments [also] last longer than regular shaving."

Combining such ingredients as thioglycolate with aloe and other moisturizers to protect skin, BrazilianBack offers another option for back hair removal. Each single-use do-it-yourself application kit retails for $28.99 and contains enough BrazilianBack hair removal cream for one application, as well as a specially designed back hair removal application garment.

To remove back hair, BrazilianBack cream is spread on the application garment, and the garment is fastened to the body. Wait roughly six to eight minutes and then rinse to remove. The three-step hair removal process takes about eight minutes, removing hair below the skin line for longer results.

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