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FaceLube skin care targets men


A recent study by market research company NPD Group found that most men are using some sort of grooming product today, such as shave, hair care and fragrance; however, only 25% of men are currently using facial skin care products. The findings suggest that the market is poised for growth, but noted that the challenge is getting him involved and engaged. 

The challenges have not gone unnoticed by FaceLube, a new men’s grooming and skin care line that is taking a unique approach to engaging him.

You won’t find FaceLube in the typical personal care aisle or department store counter. FaceLube founder Candace Chen said it is going where the men are, and by year’s end will be selling the product line at new car dealerships.

FaceLube, through its packaging and product descriptions, draws analogies from vehicle maintenance and is in the midst of developing its “2013 models” of product.

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