Graff*Etch combines graffiti art, barber etchings for style

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Graff*Etch combines graffiti art, barber etchings for style

Graff*Etch has one main purpose: to combine graffiti art and barber etchings together on one canvas — the head — with the help of its color pencils.

Artists who create these looks design hair with geometric patterns, sports and company logos, cartoon characters, and famous faces, using trimmers and razors to create these styles, the company said.

The brand’s color pencils, created with a formula that can be applied on a tender scalp, face, body, short hair, and newly shaved sensitive skin, are used to color in the designs and make them stand out.

Each box of Graff*Etch products contains eight pencils, a poster and sharpener built into each box, and are available in five different styles, the brand said.

Pencils can be used to draw designs before they are etched out, and users also can fill in their hairlines and beards, and create sharp angled styles.

Designs won’t drip down thanks to the pencils’ texture and long-lasting formula, and they can be removed with a simple shampoo or cleanser.

Visit the company's website for more information.