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Hollywood Fashion Secrets creates new product category; hits Duane Reade's beauty aisles


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Hollywood Fashion Secrets, the company that brought the world Hollywood Fashion Tape, has created a new category for retail stores — a collection of must-haves that prevent beauty and wardrobe malfunctions.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth in our business over the past few years with 36% growth in 2014 alone – one of our best years yet and we are just getting started.  According to our research, nearly 96 million women say they have experienced a wardrobe malfunction and would purchase solutions to fix the problem – making Style Essentials a huge untapped market opportunity,” stated Matt Goldberg, CEO of Hollywood Fashion Tape.

Fueling much of the company’s success, according to Goldberg, is its expanding retail footprint in the mass retail and mass drug channels.  Today, Hollywood Fashion Secrets products are available in 30,000 stores and growing.

In fact, in February Duane Reade stores began the roll-out of a new merchandise display in the beauty aisle of nearly all of its store in the New York City area that features style icon and brand spokesperson Stacy London and a set of 13 popular Style Essential items including Hollywood Fashion Tape, Silicon CoverUps, Deodorant Removing Sponge, Garment Shields and Bra Converting Clips, among other products.

“Duane Reade is a strong example of our recent success with mass drug retailers,” stated Goldberg.  “The buyers got it right away and our products fit perfectly in their stores in the beauty aisle, but what is really exciting about this new category is that we have learned that these products can be successful in a lot of different stores and locations inside the stores -- from boutiques to national chains with in-store locations like the check-lane, beauty aisle or right next to a pair of jeans or other apparel items that may need a bit of assistance.”

In May 2014, the company announced a multi-year arrangement with London. A pioneer of fashion reality TV as co-host of "What Not to Wear" for 13 years, London just launched her new fashion reality show "Love, Lust or Run."

London and Hollywood Fashion Secrets are close collaborators, with London serving as the voice and face of the brand featured on in-store merchandising, digital ads, web materials, social media and PR efforts, as well as assisting with new product development.


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