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Kroger dives into men's grooming via exclusive Bromley’s collection

Kroger is diving head first into the world of men’s grooming.

The retail chain announced that it would be making Bromley’s For Men shaving and grooming products available exclusively in its family of stores, delivery and curbside pickup service.

“Bromley's For Men offers a complete, customizable grooming experience because Kroger knows it shouldn't be complicated or expensive,” Robert Clark, senior vice president of merchandising, said. “This new Our Brands product expands our personal care business while simplifying men's shaving and grooming, as we redefine the customer experience through Restock Kroger.”

The development of the brand was led by Kroger’s Our Brands team, who worked with skin care experts. Featured skin care items include a pre-shave prep exfoliator, charcoal-infused daily cleanser, shave cream, post-shave balm and a daily moisturizing lotion with SPF 15 protection.

In addition to skin care, the line also features razors, which are supported by three interchangeable cartridges — Smooth Operator 7-Blade, Keepin’ it Trimmed 5-Blade and the Single-Stroke 3-Blade.

“Our customers continue to tell us how much they love Our Brands. In 2017, Our Brands achieved its highest-ever unit share and reached $20.9 billion in total sales,” Clark said. “Bromley's For Men is a collection that's simple, affordable, and accessible—it will disrupt the men's shaving and grooming category.”

Additional information about Bromley’s can be found at a local Kroger store or on the retailer’s website.
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