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Listerine freshens breath while on-the-go

Listerine is changing the way consumers can freshen their breath.

The brand’s latest innovation — Listerine Ready! Tabs — allows shoppers to achieve that clean mouth feeling while on the go.

Inspired by the research from consumers studies and focus groups, the product is comprised of clean mint solid-to-liquid tablets, that do not contain any mouthwash, and freshen breath for up to four hours, the company said.

“Now consumers can have a whole mouth clean feeling even if they're not near a sink,” Sissy Urista, the senior commercial director for Listerine, said. “We're changing the way consumers think about their everyday oral care routine with a revolutionary new form that's completely new to the market so that we can make their on-the-go lifestyle easier.”

To use the product, which only takes 40 seconds, consumers need to chew the tablet for 10 seconds to transform it into a liquid, swish for 30 seconds and swallow.

Each of the tablets is made out of food-grade ingredients, alcohol-free and specially formulated to ingest, the Skillman, N.J.-based company said.

The Listerine Ready! Tabs are currently available for purchase in an eight-pack that retails for $2.99 at mass, food, drug and merchandise market retailers. The product also comes in a 56-count pack that can be found on Amazon.
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