Luxe, Cosmopolitan dive into the fragrance game

Luxe, the company behind Ariana Grande’s fragrance franchise, is diving into a brand-new partnership.

The company is partnering with Cosmopolitan Magazine to launch the Eau de Juice fragrance collection, which contains four scents, and comes in innovative, high-impact packaging.

"In the spirit of Cosmo and our 81 million strong audience of modern young women, Eau de Juice is cheeky, witty, and fun," Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief, Jessica Pels said. "Fragrance is the busy girl's best secret weapon, and considering the fact that Cosmo readers account for one third of all beauty spending in this country, this is the perfect new extension for our brand."

Featuring actress Ashley Benson as the face of its campaign, the collection’s scents are crafted by perfumers at Firmenich and contain fresh, modern fragrances that are both savvy and complex, the company said.

"As an entrepreneurial company, Luxe prides itself on engaging in strategic and innovative partnerships to connect with consumers around the world in the beauty category," Luxe CEO, Tony Bajaj said of the collaboration. "Our latest venture in business with Hearst Magazines expands our footprint within the industry; we couldn't be more excited to have the legacy and heritage of Cosmopolitan behind us."

Titled to match a mood — Extra Concentrated, 100% Chilled, Love, Unfiltered and Pure Sugar — the scents’ packaging is pop-art inspired and was created with the help of Brooklyn-based team Powershovel.

"Our vision was to create a brand narrative that is aspirational yet relatable, with a wink of humorous sensibility," the chief marketing officer of Luxe, Noreen Dodge said. "The concept, fragrances and packaging all needed to bring this to life for our consumer."

Shoppers can find the Eau de Juice collection of fragrances exclusively at Ulta Beauty’s website. The scents will hit the retailer’s physical shelves on Aug. 5.