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Madison Reed embraces virtual hair color sampling

Madison Reed is jumping into the world of augmented reality.

The San Francisco-based beauty brand unveiled a new facet on its website that can be accessed via a phone, tablet or desktop, and allows shoppers to virtually try on more than 40 of its hair colors.

Using the device’s camera or an uploaded selfie, users can compare and contrast their current color with a potential one via a split screen that highlights the differences and allows shoppers to toggle between two colors at once.

“Madison Reed believes in empowering our customers in every way imaginable. Our goal is to eliminate any fear factor and enable people to choose a new hair color with the confidence of having already witnessed the end result,” Amy Errett, CEO and founder of Madison Reed, said. “Women have been begging for this try-on technology, but current solutions just don't hit the mark. Now, an accurate, realistic solution finally exists on”

YouCam Makeup’s team collaborated with Madison Reed to create the tool, which is powered by the company’s AR, AI and color-matching technologies.

“Our continued deep-learning technology has helped capture the unique movement and dimension of individual hair strands in order to display the most true to life, virtual hair color try on imaginable,” Alice Chang, CEO of Perfect, said. “Madison Reed is the first to integrate this unique, live hair color feature into its website shopping experience, and we are proud to have made that possible.”

Shoppers can check out the tool by clicking the Try Your Perfect Shade section on Madison Reed’s website.
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