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Naterra International focuses on consumer connection

Officials at Naterra International want to connect with consumers. That is why the Coppell, Texas-based company is focused on making sure that its Tree Hut specialty bath line stands out on the shelf.

According to Ron Isom, Naterra’s president, the 16-year-old Tree Hut line features more than 100 SKUs across the scrub, body wash, body butter and body lotion segments. It is now expanding into the skin care and hair care categories.

“We infuse all of our products with certified-organic shea, and that helps create a better moisturizing process,” Isom said. “We pride ourselves on being customer-centric, and that means engaging with the consumer before and after the sale. We want a long-term relationship with the shopper, and we want them to know how seriously we take our products and how we create them. These are great items that will win over the consumers after the first time she tries them.”

Naterra will add three lines to the Tree Hut label later this year: Bohemian Escape, Sunkissed Sands and Pacific Sunrise. Each line will include a hydro-light gel, shea sugar scrub, foaming body wash and bubble bath.
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