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New Nail Tek packaging features number system


LOS ANGELES — Nail treatment brand Nail Tek, which is a division of American International Industries, is amping up its offerings and its style this spring with a new “We’ve Got Your Number System,” which makes getting and maintaining strong, healthy nails easier than ever.

The same problem-solving formulas are now easily identifiable with the Nail Tek repackaging, which features color coding by nail type for easy reference.

With the “We’ve Got Your Number System,” users identify their nail type, then the treatment their nails need:

For Normal, Healthy Nails

Green: Series 1

• Maintenance Plus 1 Strengthener

• Foundation 1 Ridge Filler

• Moisturizing Strengthener 1

• Vitamin Enriched Hydration

For Soft, Peeling Nails

Orange: Series 2

• Intensive Therapy 2 Strengthener

• Foundation 2 Ridge Filler

• Moisturizing Strengthener 2

• Vitamin Enriched Hydration

For Hard, Brittle Nails

Pink: Series 3

• Protection Plus 3 Strengthener

• Foundation 3 Ridge Filler

• Moisturizing Strengthener 3

• Vitamin Enriched Hydration

Weak, Damaged Nails

Purple:  Series 4

• Xtra 4 Strengthener

• Foundation Xtra Ridge Filler

• Moisturizing Strengthener 4

• Vitamin Enriched Hydration

In addition to the “We’ve Got Your Number System” of products, Nail Tek will continue to offer other nail and cuticle products, which are now also in easy-to-identify packaging:

• Step One Manicure Primer

• Renew Natural Cuticle Oil with Tea Tree

• Quicken Quick Drying Top Coat

• 10-Speed Polish Drying Drops

• Extend Polish Thinner

• Antifungal Maximum Strength


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