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Spotlight On: Cruelty-free beauty products

Despite tried-and-true innovations in testing cosmetic products, many companies still rely on using animals as their test subjects.

For consumers who purchase beauty items increasingly based on a company’s ethos, there are companies that pride themselves on being an ally to animals and cruelty-free when getting products ready for market. We’ve narrowed down a few brands and products that will make picking out products that are humane easier than ever when walking down the beauty aisle.

Essence has the right tools for making eyebrows stand out with its How to Make Brows Wow Make-Up Box, which contains a mirror, three brow powders, a highlighting powder, a dual-ended applicator, tweezers and instructions on how to perfect the look. It retails for $9.99 and can be found on the company’s website.

Pixi by Petra
After the skin has been prepped for the day, eyes also need a little attention. That’s where Pixi by Petra’s Endless Silky Eye Pen and Mesmerizing Mineral Palette come into play. The brand’s eye pen is waterproof and creates a solid jewel-toned line good for a night out. It is offered in such shades as BlackNoir and GraphicGreiger, and the liner retails for $12 on Target’s website.

The brand’s Mineral Palette contains six eye shades and a duo applicator to help blend the right colors together. Users can dampen the applicator before application for a bold look or use dry. The palette in various shades, such as Sunset Mattes, retails for $12.

Wet n Wild
As consumers turning to foundation or highlighting powder for an extra dose of glamor, Wet n Wild has exactly what consumers need to make cheeks pop. Its MegaGlo Highlighting Powder can be used on either the skin or body and contains iridescent pearls for a high-impact glow. The vegan powder currently retails for $6.93 on Walmart’s website.

Wet n Wild also has a product for dramatic lips. Its Color Icon Lip Gloss, which is part of the Zodiac Collection, comes in 12 shades that contain argan, macadamia and jojoba oils. Each retails for $2.93.

When it comes to peeling off the day’s foundation and eyeshadow, Bliss has the answer with its Makeup Melt Oil-Free Makeup Remover Wipes. The wipes use chamomile, marshmallow root and aloe extracts to remove grime and makeup. Featuring a light cucumber and aloe scent, the wipes come in 30-count packs that retail for $7 on the brand’s website.

Bliss also offers Oh My Gommage! Gentle Polishing Cleanser, which captures and removes dead skin cells using cellulose, bamboo stem powder and babassu oil. It retails online for $15.
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