Overtone pigmented conditioners go magenta

Overtone is dropping not one, but three new formulas in its pigmented conditioners line.

Vibrant is the name of the game with the brand’s new magenta in pastel, vibrant and extreme shades, which gives users the ability to color their hair from the comfort of their homes.

"Our pink and purple formulas have always been staples in our shade range and these new magenta shades offer even more versatility. Magenta, being a mix of both warm and cool pigments, mixes really well with most other shades on the color wheel. So whether you're coloring your hair for the first time or transitioning to a new shade, it's an incredibly customizable option," Bella Romeo, the vice president of research and development at Overtone haircare said. "Magenta can be the final color destination, but this particular color family offers a lot of opportunities for mixing, blending, and unique self-expression."

As with semi-permanent hair colors, results will vary based on shade. To obtain the brightest results, the ideal starting color for all three shades is platinum blonde, the Denver-based company said.

Vibrant magenta will yield results on platinum to medium blonde, and extreme magenta is pigmented enough for results on platinum to medium brown color.

In addition, the pigmented products are hair-healthy, do not contain bleach or any other damaging lightening or lifting agents, and therefore will not be effective on jet back hair, the company said.

Each Overtone formula is vegan, cruelty-free, and does not contain sulfates, parabens, ammonia, harsh chemicals or heavy alcohols.

Shoppers can find the pastel, vibrant and extreme magenta shades in an 8-oz. coloring conditioner for $29, an 8-oz. daily conditioner for $18 and complete system package for $47 on the company’s website on Aug. 27.