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Pantene sets the stage for better hair days

Pantene has set its sights on a new mission.

The Cincinnati-based beauty brand, which is part of the Procter & Gamble portfolio, announced the start of its new 14 Day Challenge.

This new initiative aims to help consumers turn their #BadHairDay into a #GreatHairDay in just 14 days.

“Having great hair has the true ability to make women feel like they can rule the world, more than dressing well, having clear skin or wearing good makeup,” Rodrigo Finotti, Pantene's marketing director said. “As a brand that gives hair inside-out improvements, you can see and feel, we have an obligation to put a stop to bad hair days by giving women a solution that will transform their hair, providing that feeling of joy a great hair day gives.”

Part of the brand’s efforts to help consumers achieve this goal includes two 30-second ads featuring real women who have experienced their own bad hair days and real time response efforts.

In addition, Pantene also has launched the #GreatHairStudio, which is a real-time response hub that’s powered by an army of social responders, who are dedicated to engaging with each #BadHairDay mention on social media.

For 14 days, these individuals will respond to #BadHairDay posts with videos and messages developed in the moment with personalized interactions.

Those wanting to participate in the 14 Day challenge can use the Pantene Hair Advisor to obtain the best regimen for their tresses needs.
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