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Philips VisaPure Advanced looks to change how consumers approach skin care


STAMFORD, Conn. — Scientists and skin experts have joined forces to design a 3-in-1 facial skincare tool called the Philips VisaPure Advanced. Interchangeable attachments on the device will allow consumers to maximize their skincare routine with precise cleaning and massaging while reducing the visibility of pores, the company said. 

“We developed Philips VisaPure Advanced for women who struggle with their skin concerns such as enlarged pores and appearance of blackheads, and are looking for an efficient solution that fits into their existing routine which gives them glowing, healthy-looking skin,” said Bjorn Folkers, Philips Director of Consumer Marketing & Business Development of Beauty.

The Philips VisaPure Advanced is equipped with customized DualMotion technology and Intelligent Head Recognition, which allows the device to recognize each attachment and tailor the session with specific levels of rotation and duration to achieve the optimal skincare benefits. The three attachments are:

  • Deep Pore Cleansing Brush: uses a combination of thin bristles to reach inside the pores and thicker bristles to swipe away dead skin cells that block pores. The Deep Pore Cleansing brush helps refine and prevent enlarged pores with twenty thousand small bristles, for a superior and easier cleanse, Philips said. 


  • Precision Cleansing Brush: Features five-in-one bristle technology to ensure a targeted and precise cleanse for smaller, hard-to-reach areas such as the chin and nose. It has a customized program, with more intense rotations and a shorter treatment time dedicated to cleanse the nose area for pure and refined skin. The Precision Cleansing brush attachment helps to visibly refine and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, the company said. 


  • Revitalizing Massage attachment: Designed to provide a gentle yet effective massage, which feels like 750 gentle finger tapping movements per minute. Developed with Japanese facial massage experts, the attachment provides users with a stimulating massage to relax the muscles and revitalize the skin. The at-home facial massage attachment can also be used on neck and décolleté. The Revitalizing Massage program lasts for three minutes and helps users achieve a healthy, glowing complexion. 

Philips VisaPure Advanced is available on for the retail price of $199.

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