PLMALive: Online advertising in favor of print opens door for store-brand messaging


NEW YORK — Online advertising is overtaking print advertising, according to a new video report by David Merrefield on PLMALive.

In 2011, spending on print advertising, which includes both newspapers and magazines, was $36 billion, topping the expenditure of online advertising at $32 billion. However, this year it is projected to reverse. Online advertising spending is likely to rise to $39.2 billion dollars while print is expected to drop under $33.8 billion, according to eMarketer.

"The change has strong implications for how private-label marketing will play out against branded-goods marketing in the future," Merrefield noted. "What's fading is print media, long the domain of branded manufacturers."

Spending on television advertising, another medium dominated by branded advertising, has reached $80 billion and appears less impacted by Internet ad spending.

By 2016, online advertising expenditures are projected to be nearly double that for print.

The video report entitled, “Online Advertising: Boon for Store Brands,” can be accessed here.

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