Q&A: Prophecy New York’s organic vision

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Q&A: Prophecy New York’s organic vision

Drug Store News spoke to Gordon Hu, president of Prophecy New York, who said that his company’s products offer quality and fair pricing, plus a valuable USDA Organic certification.

Drug Store News: Tell us about Prophecy New York. What does the company do?
Gordon Hu: At Prophecy New York, we focus on organic skin care and cosmetic products. Our brand, BeautiPromise, is an all-organic skin care line that includes a cleanser, toner, day cream, night cream, serum and has been certified by USDA. All products are made in USA.

DSN: How many SKUs do you have? In what segments of the market? And, how are you priced?
GH: We have 20 SKUs. We are focusing on high end market, such as Sephora, Ulta, Bloomingdale and Macy’s for skin care products, and we sell the face masks throughout all channels, from drug stores to department stores. Our quality is superior, and our prices are viewed as mid-level.

DSN: Do you think your company has a unique niche in the marketplace?
GH: Yes. We are the only USDA-certified and U.S.-made face mask in the world, and that makes us stand out in a crowded market. That certification is highly recognized and respected in the retail industry. Retailers need to stock these items and put them in an extremely visible location.