ReportersNotebook — Beauty Care, 4/2/12


SUPPLIER NEWS — The Cosmetic Ingredient 
Review, an independent panel of scientific and medical experts, reaffirmed at its recent public meeting that parabens — a family of preservatives used in cosmetics and personal care products — are safe, the Personal Care Products Council has announced. At its 2012 meeting in early March, CIR reviewed the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety’s opinions and concluded that there was little additional new data concerning parabens. The panel voted to reaffirm its earlier conclusions that parabens are safe for use as cosmetic ingredients.


In 2012, NYX Cosmetics will target expansion within its core professional beauty trade outlets, as well as existing partnerships with Ulta and Nordstrom. Expanding on its retail presence at Ulta, NYX will be adding an additional 2 ft. of retail space within the beauty retailer this year. In addition, the brand recently launched in approximately 20 doors at Nordstrom.

NYX Cosmetics also has developed a new branding campaign. Themed after NYX Cosmetics’ namesake “NYX” — the ancient Greek goddess who ruled the night — the new campaign features three goddesses representing the dimensions of NYX consumers. 


Cutex launched in March its new Advanced 
Revival, which, according to the manufacturer, marks the first innovation in nail polish remover formula in more than 15 years. Advanced Revival combines an acetone-based formula with natural botanical nourishing oils for stronger, healthier nails.

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