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Scents, moisture soothe consumer desires


Good news for manufacturers of soap, bath and shower products is that growth has been solid, with sales increasing a hefty 18%, to about $5.4 billion, between 2008 and 2013, according to research firm Mintel. The even better news is sales are forecasted to grow 15% through 2018.

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“Soap, bath and shower products enjoy high household penetration, as these products are viewed as hygiene essentials. However, category growth has stemmed primarily from liquid products that deliver on consumer-desired benefits, such as scent variety, skin care benefits and convenience,” Mintel stated in its most recent “Soap, Bath and Shower Products — U.S.” research report. “The popularity of liquid products has helped drive solid sales performance, with Mintel predicting the category to remain on a growth trajectory through 2018.”

Echoing the sentiment, research firm Euromonitor stated that “the most successful bath and shower products are often sold due to a perception of added-value, which is frequently thought of through fragrance and moisturization. While these aspects remained an important driver of sales in 2013, they partially gave way to new trends, such as health, exotic appeal and sensuality.”

While liquid products continue to enjoy strong popularity, there is solid growth of bath salts/powders.

According to Euromonitor, bath salts/ powders saw the strongest current value growth in 2013, rising by 13% to $385 million. This growth was almost entirely due to the rise of Epsom salts.

“Originally just thought of as a health product to help soothe weary and aching muscles, manufacturers have begun to crowd out private label and their commoditized products by introducing a variety of scents, giving their products the ability to provide aromatherapy in addition to muscle relaxation,” Euromonitor stated.

One example is the 2013 launch of Morton Natural Epsom Salts. Morton is known for its range of culinary salts, and the launch marked its first foray into the health and beauty category. The collection includes Morton Natural Epsom Salt (Plain) and Morton Natural Epsom Salt with Lavender or Eucalyptus.

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