Schick to use Panel Solutions tool from TABS


MILFORD, Conn. The TABS Group, which was founded as a service to improve sales and marketing analytics in the consumer products industry, has announced that Schick will be using its Panel Solutions tool to improve consumer and shopper insights.

“Retailers are looking to us, the manufacturer community, for insight into how and where shoppers are purchasing categories in the grooming aisle and, more importantly, for overall strategic direction on what they can do to enhance buyer conversion, the number of buying trips, as well as overall market basket values,” stated Samantha Key, manager of category development for Schick.

In hopes of delivering timely, actionable and relevant recommendations to its retail partners, Schick will take advantage of the Panel Solutions tool. TABS Group built the tool to align with Schick’s scanning databases, enabling it to delivery “robust” category, consumer and shopper insights.

While many manufacturers have panel data, TABS Group said it is under-utilized because it is delivered in a “cumbersome format.” “Panel Solutions addresses this problem. It is a tool that is widely used and provides an analytical approach that delivers a strong ROI on your data investment,” stated David Butcher, partner at TABS Group.

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