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Schmidt’s Naturals launches body washes

Schmidt’s Naturals is helping consumers smell oh so fresh and clean.

The brand, which is focused on creating natural and cruelty-free products for self-care, is introducing two new body washes.

Available in jasmine tea and cedar wood + juniper, each product is vegan, plant-based and contains such sea-based antioxidants and aminos as nori, red algae and spirulina.

“Diversifying and elevating our product offering is what our consumers expect of us,” Michael Cammarata, co-founder and CEO of Schmidt's Naturals, said. “We are thrilled to continue providing the latest and most advanced plant-based ingredients and setting standards with environment-friendly and ethical practices that are even inspiring heritage personal care brands to follow suit.”

Also featured in both body washes is an organic argan oil-based surfactant that helps nourish and refresh skin.

As with all Schmidt’s Naturals products, the two new launches are free of SLS sulfates, artificial dyes and fragrance. The jasmine tea and cedarwood + juniper scents retail for $9.99 each and can be found on the shelves of Target stores throughout the nation.

Further information on both of the new launches can be found on the company's website.
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