Skinny Tan offers winning combo


CARLSBAD, Calif. — When two women sat talking about their frustration with self-tanners, along with their disenchantment with how poorly cellulite creams work, they had an idea. Why not combine them and come up with something that really works?

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The product is called Skinny Tan. It is selling briskly in the United Kingdom and Australia, and now is hitting U.S. shores.

The company is eyeing distribution opportunities in specialty, food and drug stores. “North America is at the heart of our growth strategy. Our marketing efforts have driven a 100% increase in sales since InnovaDerma bought Skinny Tan, and we’ve expanded to three countries where it is the No. 1 self-tanner. We’ll put those same resources behind the U.S. market entry,” said Haris Chaudry, CEO of InnovaDerma. In addition to reducing common complaints of self-tanners, such as streaking, the formulas are all natural and PETA-approved.