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Tummy flattening gel to debut at Sephora


SALT LAKE CITY Expected to soon debut at Sephora is the Tummy Flattening Gel from Sovage Dermatologic Laboratories.

“We knew there was a tremendous demand for an effective topical slimming gel,” stated Gina Gay, spokesperson for Sovage. “But the customer base for Tummy Flattening Gel has been high-end spas and exclusive ’beauty’ retreats and not traditional cosmetic counters. So we did wonder if Nordstrom’s consumers would connect with TFG and its $119 price tag. We were pleasantly surprised when initial sales figures showed that Tummy Flattening Gel was a huge hit.”

Following its success at Nordstrom, the company announced that Tummy Flattening will soon debut at Sephora and other prestige retailers nationwide.

Although it’s called Tummy Flattening Gel, it promises to help reduce the appearance of bulging pockets of unsightly fat wherever they appear.

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