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Two new innovations from BladeButter


TRINITY, Fla. -- Online shaving company BladeButter is launching two new offerings that aim to further disrupt the personal care category.

According to the company, ShaveJelly is a safer, gentler alternative to typical shaving creams and gels. DragonsEdge is a line of 4- and 6-blade razors that are built with quality and durability in mind. Moreover, BladeButter continues to make its products more affordable than competitors.

Complementing both RazorBooster and ShaveJelly, DragonsEdge razors are designed to outperform the expensive name brands, and they don't require a subscription, the company says. The ergonomic handle features a 90-degree pivoting head, which ensures the blades ride every facial contour perfectly. 

BladeButter has been building momentum since going live in late 2012. The company has nurtured a loyal customer base thanks to its combination of personalized service and products. Every purchase is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

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