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Vaseline’s new launches focus on hard-to-heal dry skin

Vaseline is tackling a new area of skin care with its new launch.

The Englewood Cliffs, N.J.-based brand’s new Vaseline Clinical Care works to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier by using its Barrier Repair Complex, which transforms skin from extremely dry to healed in just five days, the company said.

Composed of six new products, the brand, which is part of the Unilever family, offers treatment and relief from a variety of skin concerns.

“At Vaseline, we're always striving to create the absolute best for our consumers, who aren't looking for shortcuts when it comes to their skin health,” said Dawn Hedgepeth,  general manager and vice president of hand and body lotion at Unilever. “We're truly thrilled to introduce Clinical Care and its deep healing powers to help people with all types of dry skin needs.”

To celebrate this new launch, Vaseline is embarking on a multicity "Save Your Skin" tour, which will highlight the importance of moisturization year-round. Each stop will allow consumers to meet with expert estheticians to talk through various skin concerns, and the opportunity to take home lotion samples of Vaseline’s Clinical Care line.

In addition, "Grey’s Anatomy" and "13 Reasons Why" actress Kate Walsh will partner with the brand on its New York City stop to discuss the importance of prioritizing sleep in a metropolitan area, especially during daylight savings time, which can cause the circadian rhythm to be disrupted and lead to dry, dehydrated skin.

“We live in a busy 'do more' culture, so getting enough rest can be extremely difficult,” Walsh said. “Sleep is hugely important to me, which is why I'm thrilled to be partnering with Vaseline on their 'Save Your Skin' tour to help others prioritize their skin health from the inside out.”
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