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The Vintage Cosmetic Co. launches headbands into Wegmans

The Vintage Cosmetic Co. is expanding its reach.

The British brand, best known for creating beauty tools with a look inspired by the 1950s, announced that it will launch three new products at Wegmans.

Vintage-inspired Make-Up Headbands, with an added bow, come in in three varieties — Olive, Ava and Dotty — which will be available at the retailer.

The Olive Make-up Headband, featuring a soft polka dot design, and the Ava Make-up Headband, which is made from black and white striped toweling, will be exclusive to Wegmans.

Dotty, which happens to be one of the brand’s best-selling headbands, is made from soft, plush fabric with a fuchsia color, the company said.

“Our Make-up Headbands are perfect for seasonal gifting, and the two Wegmans exclusive Olive and Ava Make-up Headbands make me think of Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' — they have a classic feel to them, but are also fun and practical at the same time,” Clare Tarry, The Vintage Cosmetic Co.'s co-founder and commercial director, said.

All three headbands feature elasticated bands to ensure one size fits all, while also are comfortable pushing hair out of the user’s face.

The Vintage Cosmetic Co.'s Make-Up Headbands will hit the retailers’ shelves at the end of October.
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