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Wahl launches new how-to website for men's grooming


STERLING, Ill. — Wahl, a maker of men’s grooming tools, has launched a website dedicated to men’s grooming and is designed for guys looking for a resource for new hair or facial hair styles, combined with how-to tips to achieve the look.

The new is a new one-stop grooming destination that features a library of styles, instructional videos and expert tips, and also supports what research from Wahl suggests guys really want — help in the grooming department. 

“Men’s grooming is evolving and Wahl is evolving with it,” stated Steve Yde, director of marketing for Wahl. “Grooming used to be just about the face, but growing interest in multi-purpose grooming devices and hair clippers suggests guys are now thinking bigger picture when it comes to keeping up appearances. Through, we’re supporting this new expanded grooming routine by offering guys one place to find, achieve and maintain a variety of hair and facial hair styles.” 

Cutting hair at home, once considered a family affair, is now more of a guy thing as research from Wahl reveals. Today, more than 8-out-of-10 home haircuts are performed on men, which is why Wahl designed its new grooming site to help those who cut get the job done right, the company stated. It provides guys with a full range of achievable hairstyles, supported by demonstration videos, and how-to instructions. Styles range from classic looks, such as the buzz cut and brush cut, to the more modern fade and peaked cuts. The section also includes Haircuts 101, an informational guide that covers the basics of haircutting, from guide combs to clipper techniques.

Those looking for facial hair will find that Wahl’s new grooming destination covers the gamut on mustaches, beards, goatees and even sideburns. Like the haircuts section, it includes step-by-step advice, and recommendations on products to achieve these looks. The library of more than 40 facial hair styles includes everything from the full beard all the way down to the modernly stylish stubble look. Those seeking something around or above the mouth can choose from the classically popular Goatee, the hipster-chic Handle Bar mustache, or a cool Soul Patch. 

The site, developed by HY Connect, is also a destination for grooming news and promotions in the world of Wahl Grooming. From the Wahl Man of the Year contest, Cuts for a Cause, and Face the Day Tour to new campaigns, stunts and studies, the site gives guys the opportunity to get informed and involved.


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