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Walgreens' unveils latest circular design over Labor Day weekend


DEERFIELD, Ill. - Walgreens will be launching a new circular over the Labor Day Weekend that emphasizes the value the drug store operator delivers to consumers and represents a more strategic approach that's fed by rich consumer insights.

"The circular is still one of the core tools [to reach consumers]," Mark Sciortino, VP brand marketing strategy and planning, told Drug Store News during an interview in advance of the new circular. Walgreens' circular averages 16 pages per week, chock full of deals that reach almost 40 million consumers every Sunday. "It's still a useful tool in the curent digital age."

With the new Walgreens circular, prices will be more clear with bigger imagery and "hero shots" that celebrate the products Walgreens carries in its stores. And the new design better exemplifies Walgreens' broader goals, Sciortino added. "We really do believe it's our job to make feeling good easy for the customer," he said. "It's another example of the journey we're on as a company to really put the customer in the driver's seat, get aligned behind the customer and do everything we can to deliver value to their daily lives."

The new circular includes a contemporary design structure that deal seakers will find appealing, Sciortino said. "The deal seaker is a real interesting person," Sciortino said. "They defy socio-economic [demographics]," he said. "It's a group of shoppers who get a lot of pleasure getting a great price on products," he noted.

And manufacturers partnering with Walgreens will have more opportunities to appeal to consumers through solution sets, Sciortino added. "As we get more into different parts of the year, we have manufacturers who want to push a regimen [and] you'll see that come together [in a way] that's much more [impactful] than an individual spot."

And the new circular will benefit from a number of consumer insight drivers, Sciortino added, including the shopper insights gleaned from Walgreens' Balance Rewards program.

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