Giving hair a ‘soft lift’


NEW YORK —Garnier is taking hair color to a new level in 2010 with the launch of Garnier HerbaShine color cream with bamboo extract, the first and only ammonia-free hair color with bamboo extract that offers a “soft lift” in color in 10 minutes.

The new hair color is ideal for those who are new to coloring their hair, whether it be at-home color or salon-applied, and those who are looking to curb spending by coloring their own hair or trying to prolong time between salon visits.

In March 2009, the Professional Beauty Association, which is comprised of salons, spas, distributors and manufacturers, acknowledged the downward pressures facing hair salons. Trends identified by the PBA included longer periods between coloring appointments and consumers coloring their own hair.

The new HerbaShine is neither a semi-permanent nor a demi-permanent, but is what Garnier refers to as a “soft lift” because it can lift hair up to a single level, covers gray up to 70% and provides natural results without an obvious root line.

The new Garner HerbaShine, available in 18 shades, has a suggested retail price of $7.99.