X Out hits GNC shelves

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X Out hits GNC shelves

There’s a new acne treatment hitting GNC shelves.

X Out, the brand known for its prescription-strength products, announced the launch of its collection at GNC throughout the summer.

The partnership between the companies is aimed at helping young adults who suffer from acne mechanica or mild-to-moderate acne quickly find a solution that fits into their active lifestyles, the brands said.

"Our consumer is someone who is often too busy for doctor visits and complicated routines," Gillian Fetters, brand manager at X Out, said. "That's why we're so excited to offer X Out products at GNC locations. Our goal is for more people to experience head-to-toe transformative results with minimal effort."

Acne mechancia, which is prompted by pressure, friction and heat, most commonly is seen among athletes and active individuals.

Keeping that in mind, X Out designed its products to help tackle acne from head to toe by offering a simple solution with low effort and high impact results, the company said.

A featured product in the line is the Wash-In-Treatment, which uses the brand’s prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide and can be used as either a daily cleanser, mask and spot treatment to attack breakout-causing bacteria on contact.

"X Out fills a white space in the market by offering an effective, no-fuss solution for active individuals experiencing acne mechanica," Megan MacDonald, brand representative at Proactiv, X Out's parent company, said. "We're thrilled to partner with GNC to further our joint effort towards global health and wellness. Through this partnership, we hope to provide a solution for their customers and introduce X Out on a larger scale by bringing it directly to the place where active individuals choose to shop."

To find the nearest GNC carrying the company's acne products, the brand recommends using the store locator on its website.