BeHonest debuts low sugar confectionary line

BeHonest Keto Chocolate Drops feature a a crunchy exterior shell in a variety of colors and a milk chocolate interior, the company said.
behonest keto friendly

Cibo Vita, the parent company of Nature’s Garden, is rolling out a new healthy snacking brand.

New from the Totowa, N.J.-based company is the BeHonest line, which features low carb and low sugar confections that cater to those adhering to a keto lifestyle.

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Made without the use of artificial flavors or colors, BeHonest is debuting its Keto Milk Chocolate Drops.

Featuring a crunchy exterior shell in a variety of colors and a milk chocolate interior, the product is naturally sweetened, the company said.

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“The Honest Promise is one grounded in the belief that indulgence should not undermine health goals. The keto market is ever-evolving and market innovation is driving demand for unique and tastier products, with more consumers moving toward a low-carb and low-sugar regimen,” said Emre Imamoglu, Cibo Vita’s CEO.

“Our R&D department has been tasked to create an honest alternative to America’s favorite chocolate candy,” Imamoglu said. “The reason behind the brand name is to focus on better quality ingredients for the consumer, such as natural sweeteners that give accurate readings of the net carb count, ensuring that serving sizes are presented correctly for ‘honest’ keto compliance.”

In its second quarter, BeHonest will expand its portfolio to include several new additional launches, including milk chocolate mint fat cups, milk chocolate peanut butter fat cups, dark chocolate covered almonds, dark chocolate covered hazelnuts, milk chocolate hazelnuts and milk chocolate hazelnut truffles.

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Consumers can find BeHonest Keto Chocolate Drops at Costco for the suggested retail price of $13.99.  

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