Bliss journeys back to spa-inspired origins with skin care accessories

Sara Mitzner, vice president of brand marketing at AS Beauty, Bliss’ parent company, shares the inspiration behind the latest launch.
Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor

Bliss is returning to its spa-inspired origins with a new skin care accessory collection designed to help consumers pamper themselves. 

The line features such products as a scalp massager, blemish extractor kit, microfiber hair wraps and dermaplaning razors among others. DSN spoke to Sara Mitzner, vice president of brand marketing at AS Beauty, parent company of the brand, about the inspiration behind this launch. 

DSN: What inspired Bliss’ return to its spa-inspired products? 
Sara Mitzner: We just bought the brand last January so spent all last year researching and 'spa-inspired" kept coming up. People loved our spa heritage and the efficacy of our products, so we wanted to make sure new customers were aware that that was part of our origin story.

DSN: Why was now the right time to roll out the new products? 
SM: Bliss has been under the AS Beauty ownership for a little over a year now, so we spent the past 12 months doing a deep dive on the brand to understand what made it special and what our customers love most about Bliss. A lot of that came back to spa heritage so now felt like the right time to officially roll it out with products and marketing initiatives now that we felt secure in our repositioning.

DSN: Are there any plans to expand the line based on consumer feedback? 
SM: Yes, we are always looking for consumer feedback to expand our products. Our inventory strategy is best sellers. We recently brought back Eye Do All Things Brightening Eye Gel because so many customers were asking for it when we were going out of stock.

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The full collection of new products includes: 

  • Rooting for Your Scalp Massager: This tool helps boost scalp health and promote healthier and stronger hair growth. Suitable for all hair types, it can be used on wet or dry strands; 

  • Clear Genius Professional Blemish Extractor Kit: This set of five stainless steel tools provides all the necessary equipment to extract and clear pores for a smoother complexion; 

  • Rooting For You Microfiber Hair Wrap Duo: Available in blue or pink, these quick-drying microfiber hair turbans quickly absorb moisture, so hair dries faster and smoother; 

  • Smooth Ya Later 8PC Dermaplaning Razors: Each is designed to tackle stray hairs while gently exfoliating skin for a smooth finish and easier makeup application; 

  • Fabulips Lip Scrubber Trio: Designed to gently polish and smooth skin, these scrubbers have a handy finger slot at the back for precision; 

  • Mask For More Dual-Ended Facial Exfoliator & Mask Spatula: A dual-ended tool features a soft silicone facial scrubber on one side for easy deep purifying with any desired cleanser;

  • Makeup Melt Reusable Microfiber Face Pads: These machine-washable pads gently lift away makeup for softer, smoother skin;

  • Go Scrubs Facial Scrubber Duo: Available in green/orange or pink/purple, these soft and flexible silicone facial scrubbers are fitted with a comfy finger grip on the back for easy use; 

  • Rose Gold Rescue Rose Quartz Facial Roller & Gua Sha: A dynamic gua sha duo that promotes lymphatic drainage for a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion. It includes a classic dolphin shape for larger areas of the face like jaw and cheekbones, as well as a square shape for targeted treatments around the nose and eye area; 

  • Cool With It Cooling Gel Eye Pads: This set includes 4 gel eye pads that sit comfortably on the eye area to help restore tired eyes; and 

  • Go Scrubs Exfoliating Back & Body Brush: Made to cleanse and massage skin from head to toe, the soft scrubby bristles help to create a luxurious lather. 


Consumers may purchase Bliss’ new collection online. 

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