Blue Diamond adds spicy dill pickle variety

Blue Diamond is adding a bold new flavor to its lineup.

The Sacramento, Calif.-based company unveiled its new spicy dill pickle almond flavor, which will hit shelves in March 2020.

Pairing the flavors of dill with spicy garlic, the snack contains a balance of savory, spicy and sour notes, the company said.

“Through rigorous research, we found a growing demand for dill and pickle flavors across food categories,” Michael Burdeny, the global head of marketing at Blue Diamond said. “Combining zesty and vinegary flavors with our highest-quality California-grown Almonds, Blue Diamond is excited to introduce a product that is unique and undeniably craveable.”

Blue Diamond’s spicy dill pickle almonds will be available in a 6-oz. can that retail for $3.49 and 1.5-oz. tubes for .99 cents at grocery and convenience stores nationwide in March 2020.