Brekki Overnight Oats adds fruit down under

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Brekki Overnight Oats adds fruit down under

By Gisselle Gaitan - 03/19/2020

Brekki Overnight Oats is expanding its line of offerings.

The Ward Hill, Mass.-based company announced the launch of its new Overnight Oats with Ancient Grains & Fruit Down Under line, which contains a base of real fruit, fruit purees and spices to be mixed together.

“We have been watching brekki fans consistently top their brekki cups with actual fruit and ancient grains,” Greg Peyser, co-founder and director of sales at brekki, said. “We know they want more convenience and less effort when choosing a ready-to-eat snack or meal. Our new product line takes the prep work out, providing the consumer with a delicious overnight oats option — convenient, complete, healthy and versatile. Perfect for today’s busy, health-conscious consumer.”

Available in five flavors — apples and cinnamon, açaí berries, bananas and maple brown sugar, blueberries, and strawberries — the line does not contain dairy, soy or gluten, and is non-GMO, plant-based and vegan, the company said.

“We have great insight into what our target consumers are looking for,” Nick Scangas, COO of brekki, said. “This new product supports consumers in living a balanced, healthy lifestyle by enjoying a product that ‘checks all the boxes’ for flavor, ingredients and nutrition, with ready-to-eat convenience. There is no storing, washing and slicing fruit or chopping nuts required. The fruit down under line is a perfectly balanced solution, so consumers can focus on enjoying this delicious product while going about their busy lives. The texture and mouthfeel of true, whole ingredients are a testament to our commitment of making products we can be proud of.”