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Canviiy standouts in organic scalp care

Canviiy's founder, Sherrel Sampson, shares her mission in providing long-lasting, concentrated scalp care formulas based in plant science and infused with powerful, natural botanicals.
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Sherrel Sampson

Tampa, Fla.-based Canviiy is an innovative, organic-based health-and-wellness brand founded by Sherrel Sampson in December 2014.  

The company offers long-lasting, concentrated scalp care formulas based in plant science and infused with powerful, natural botanicals. Recently, Drug Store News sat down with Sampson to talk about the company’s mission and where the company is headed.

Drug Store News: What is the company's mission?
Sherrel Sampson: Our mission is to craft clean, therapeutic products that soothe, nourish and protect what’s on the outside, so our customers can feel confident and beautiful on the inside.

DSN: What motivated you to found the company?
SS: My entrepreneurial journey began when I left the salon one day and my scalp was on fire. After searching for a potential solution, I learned that many scalp-soothing products contained harsh ingredients and had viscosities that were runny, greasy or oily. Even more disappointing, none of the products worked for an extended period of time.

Therefore, I was completely frustrated and sought to tackle this unmet need. Leveraging my beauty experience, I partnered with an organic chemist, and it took us approximately 16 months to research and develop Canviiy’s groundbreaking organic-based itch-calming serum. We launched Canviiy in November 2015 and were humbled by the customer response and loyalty! 

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DSN: What is the significance of the company name?
SS: We had a vision of building a brand and product portfolio that enhanced the ‘canvas’ of our customers. Therefore, the significance of our company name stems from our two brand beliefs in which we are going to celebrate your inner canvas and enhance your outer canvas.

DSN: Why are the products considered to be ideal toward an ethnically diverse population? 
SS: Canviiy product solutions are effective for all scalp types and ethnicities. Canviiy does have a deeper penetration in textured hair due to the over index in protective styles and wig usage, but we see great acceptance from the general market as well as they look to address irritation from hair color extensions and even the side effects of chemotherapy.

DSN: What are some of your most innovative products? 
SS: Our hero product is our ScalpBliss Itch-Calming Organic Based Serum. It has an amazing ingredient profile, one that is based in organic aloe vera and infused with powerful natural botanicals, including manuka honey, lavender, peppermint and jojoba to give one’s scalp a blissful, itch-free feeling. I’m extremely thrilled about our ScalpBliss Hydrate + Strengthen Organic-Based Scalp Balm! As one of our newest innovations, we’re excited about the buzz, as many in the industry are calling it the “new-age” scalp grease since it’s free of petroleum and mineral oil, which creates a breathable moisturizing protective barrier to strengthen and hydrate the scalp.

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DSN: What makes these products unique?
SS: Our ScalpBliss Itch-Calming Organic Based Serum is particularly unique due to its phenomenal long-lasting performance. It naturally soothes scalp irritation from hours to days. Most customers only apply the serum every three to four days versus competitive products which require daily application. In addition, it has a wonderful lightweight, nongreasy texture and non-runny viscosity.

Our ScalpBliss Hydrate + Strengthen Organic-Based Scalp Balm is truly a first-to-market formulation, as the formula is based in organic sunflower seed oil which offers an extremely lightweight, breathable texture that literally melts onto the scalp upon application. It’s becoming a favorite among our customer base.

DSN: Which retailers are carrying your products and at what price points are the products offered?
SS: Canviiy products are currently available in over 2,000 stores, including CVS, Sally Beauty, J.C. Penney and Meijer stores. Our prices range between $14.99 and $19.99.

DSN: Describe any partnerships that you have formed and why are they significant?
SS: We’ve had the honor of partnering with leading cancer centers by offering healthier alternatives to improve the scalp health of oncology patients. We’re approaching five years of partnership with the Moffitt Cancer Center and recently secured partnerships with City of Hope (LA) & Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center. They are all ranked in the top 1% and are three of the top 15 cancer hospitals in the nation. These partnerships are significant because they differentiate Canviiy in the industry, but more importantly they validate the efficacy of our clean innovative solutions.

DSN: What are your future expectations for the company?
SS: Canviiy is experiencing a strong growth trajectory, and you can expect us to make the brand more accessible by expanding our retail footprint. In addition, we will continue to strategically build upon our healthcare partnerships and omnichannel strategy (including travel retail and DTC).

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