Catching the Prestige Beauty Wave – Lessons for the Masses

Listen to Inside Beauty’s “Catching the Prestige Beauty Wave—Lessons for the Masses” webinar, which includes insights from Larissa Jensen, beauty industry expert and senior vice president at data and analytics firm Circana.

The prestige beauty market is coming off of another stellar year, with double digit growth in almost every category. Larissa Jensen, senior vice president and industry advisor for beauty at data and predictive analytics firm, Circana, will share insights from the prestige beauty sector and offer a compelling call to action for mass brands and retailers to drive growth throughout 2024 and beyond.

Jensen gives an overview of the landscape, sheds light on why prestige is thriving and talks about what trends have migrated from prestige beauty to the mass market. Additionally, Jensen explains Gen Alpha's impact on prestige skincare and talks about other categories that could  experience growth from this generation.

To watch the webinar click here

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