Carolina Global Brewing unveils Juicebar Cocktails


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — With demand for healthy juices increasing, Carolina Brewing Company is bringing them to the ready-to-drink space with the launch of its Juicebar Cocktails line of malt beverages. It will begin distribution for the first two flavors, Carrot Aloe Mango (4.9% alcohol by volume) and Pineapple Lime (4.7% alcohol by volume) in May in Mass., Conn., R.I., Minn., N.J. and Ga. 


"Juicebar Cocktails is our version of ‘clean and green’ cocktails with all-natural ingredients that you'll find at your local smoothie or juice bar — fruit and vegetable juices, natural herbs and spices, lightly sweetened with natural sugar, and mixed with tasteless malt alcohol,” ” co-founder Brian Myers said.


The product’s initial placement will include such retailers as Whole Foods, Walmart, Fresh Market, Sprouts and Harris Teeter, the company said. 


“Consumers enjoy a growing selection of green all-natural products everywhere in the store except RTDs,” co-founder DeAnthony Hill said. “They're looking for more all-natural offerings that still taste great and fit into the ethos of a healthy lifestyle. ... We're excited to work with retail buyers who celebrate the idea of change and see the enormous opportunity that Juicebar Cocktails provides to a growing customer segment.”


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