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Consumers recognize Sun Chips’ efforts to go green


PLANO, Texas Frito-Lay reported that Sun Chips’ efforts to use more eco-friendly power sources in the production of its popular whole-grain snack chips are not going unnoticed by the public. Sales of the fast-growing snack chip are taking off, the company announced this week.

Last month, Chicago-based market research provider Information Resources, Inc. reported that Sun Chips sales had increased by 17.6 percent (total $201.8 million) for the 52 weeks ended June 15.

Sun Chips claims it is “living up to its name,” celebrating the successful opening of it’s the new solar energy source at its plant in Modesto, Calif. Frito-lay and Sun Chips have said that the snack chip’s sales are growing because consumers are reacting positively to the company’s “green” energy practices, plus the snack’s mission to be health-wise: a serving of Sun Chips contains 18 grams of whole grain and no trans-fat, in addition to being low in sodium.

Sun Chips increased its media spend adding $15 million this year for the first four months. Last year, Sun Chips spent a total of $11 million on marketing, not including online, the Nielsen Monitor-Plus has reported.

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