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Frito-Lay introduces low-sodium versions of top-selling chips


PLANO, Texas Frito-Lay North America, a business unit held by PepsiCo, announced its new low-sodium versions of its most popular snack chip brands—Pinch of Salt chips. Included in the line are low-sodium variations of classic Lay’s chips such as Fritos corn chips, Ruffles potato chips and Tostitos tortilla chips. The new product line started its roll-out in the middle of March.

Comparably, classic Lay’s potato chips contain 180 mg of sodium per 1 oz serving while similar chips created for the Pinch of Salt product line contain only 75 mg of sodium per 1 oz serving. Depending on which Pinch of Salt product you compare, the sodium contained is 30 to 50 percent less than its original counterpart.

Jaya Kumar, chief marketing officer, Frito-Lay North America, said, “While consumers request low sodium versions of their favorite products, they aren’t willing to compromise on taste. The Pinch of Salt line still gives consumers great-tasting snack chips they want, but with less sodium than their original counterparts.”

Pinch of Salt products are available grocery, retail and mass merchandise across the nation. Units retail for around $2.29 for 6.25- to 8-oz packages.

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