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Frito-Lay puts young leader’s faces on Doritos bags, awards them grants


PLANO, Texas In an effort to encourage young people to take action for positive change, Frito-Lay has joined to add the faces and stories of 17 different people to Frito-Lay’s Doritos packaging. All featured individuals are under the age of 25 and have made some kind of social or charitable impact on their community.

Winners not only get to see their faces staring back at them on a pack of chips, but they also receive $200,000 in grants to be spent on community projects, awarded by, a Web site that supports teenagers and assures them that they can make a difference, no matter what their age. The Doritos print campaign tagline is “Doritos recognizes those who do something.”

“What we love about this campaign is that it’s not just slapping a ribbon on the front of a box. The consumer actually learns something‹about the kid, about the cause, about and about what Doritos stands for,” Nancy Lublin, chief executive officer of said.

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