Move over Amazon, Apollo Gum has jet pack delivery

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Move over Amazon, Apollo Gum has jet pack delivery

By Michael Johnsen - 07/27/2017

DENVER — By now you've probably heard of Amazon's plans to make deliveries with drones, but Denver-based Apollo Energy Gum thinks they have something more cutting edge. Over the past couple of weeks, Apollo has been making deliveries of their energy gum with a rocket-powered jetpack. On July 13, the Apollo JetPack made a delivery to re-stock the 7-Eleven at 18th and Welton here, surprising both the store manager and a handful of curious onlookers who happened to spot pilot Nick Macomber and his jetpack soaring through the sky.

Apollo also makes jetpack deliveries to everyday consumers, and previous flights include a personal handoff of Apollo Energy Gum to Jaylen Mosquiera at Ferrari of Denver, where he works as a salesman. Another jetpack delivery put Macomber in the middle of Downtown Denver with a perfect touchdown at the front doors of Denver's landmark Union Station.

Apollo says it is starting a worldwide tour of jetpack deliveries as part of a marketing campaign to promote Apollo Energy Gum, but they wanted to launch this groundbreaking service here in Denver, where the gum is manufactured, and where Apollo Flight Labs designs and builds its flying machines, including the world's first jet-powered flying motorcycle.

The Apollo JetPacks are the latest version of machines developed for the military in the '60s. These modern-day jetpacks don't produce any flame or carbon exhaust—only steam and oxygen—which makes them perfect for making energy gum deliveries. As soon as Macomber touches down, he removes a box of Apollo from a specially designed harness and hands it to the awe-struck customer.

Macomber, with over 450 flights under his belt, is one of two jetpack pilots for Apollo Flight Labs, also of Denver. The companies joined forces for several months to pair what they believe is the future of clean, fast-acting energy with the world's first jetpack delivery service.

Next time you hear what sounds like a rocket in the sky, it might just be Macomber and his jetpack making the next delivery of Apollo Energy Gum to your front door.


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