SweeTarts celebrates multidimensionality of candy

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SweeTarts celebrates multidimensionality of candy

SweeTarts is targeting a new generation of candy lovers with its new marketing campaign.

The brand, which is part of the Ferrara Candy portfolio, kicked off its “Be Both” campaign that champions Gen Z by celebrating the intersection of their passions, expressions and tastes.

Through that celebration, the brand connects its back to the multiplicity of its multitude of colliding flavors, textures and forms, the company said.

"We see tremendous opportunity for SweeTarts to connect with young adults who expect modern brands to understand and reflect their identities," Annie Meyer, the marketing director at Ferrara Candy said. "That's why we're so excited to launch the 'Be Both' campaign. Our brand is inspiring, playful, courageous and energetic – and fundamentally built on a duality of 'sweet' & 'tart' – so it's a natural fit for SweeTarts to celebrate people who are living unapologetically colorful and multidimensional lives."

Developed by Duncan Channon, the campaign also brings to life SweeTartt’s new. Vibrant and design-forward visual identity through an animated world of people who appear to be one way, and then revealed to be much more than meets the eye.

"We were inspired by the cultural truth that Gen Z lives in a world where no one wants to be just one thing, or be forced to choose between multiple aspects of their personal truth," Kelleen Peckham, the director of brand strategy at Duncan Channon, said. "The 'Be Both' idea and campaign embraces surprising mash-ups in our personal expression, just as SweeTarts candy offers unexpected collisions of flavor, texture and color."

In addition, the campaign also looks to reflect the modernization of the brand’s portfolio, which now offers more than the original sweet and tart candy that was launched in 1963, the company said.