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World Enterprises welcomes O.N.E. water with eco-friendly packaging


LOS ANGELES O.N.E. World Enterprises, a beverage company committed to creating healthy drinks, is going green with its new O.N.E. Water, a sustainable alternative to plastic bottled water.

The decision to launch its new eco-friendly bottle was made in conjunction with growing concerns over the health risks of bisphenol A leaking from plastic as well as the staggering number of plastic bottles in landfills.

O.N.E. Water is 100% pure, natural spring water packaged in BPA-free Tetra Pak cartons, which are made primarily from paper and are recyclable.

"We pride ourselves on being a socially and environmentally responsible company, and are extremely proud to offer consumers an alternative to plastic bottled water," said Rodrigo Veloso, founder and CEO of O.N.E. "We also feel passionately that giving back to the community is a necessary, important part of building a successful business and we are thrilled to have that opportunity with O.N.E. Water."

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