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CeraVe takes New Orleans to reinforce SPF importance

CeraVe took on New Orleans with some of social media’s biggest dermatologists to launch its new #21DaysofSPF challenge.
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CeraVe took on New Orleans with some of social media’s biggest dermatologists to launch its new #21DaysofSPF challenge.

The purpose of the challenge? To help consumers form new, healthy and protective measures from UV rays. “Forming a new habit can feel intimidating, and since it’s widely believed that doing something for 21 days can make sticking to a new habit manageable, the challenge calls on consumers to make wearing SPF a new daily habit,” said Gene Colon, global VP of medical relations and communications at CeraVe.

Content creator Avani Gregg, Dude with Sign and Dudette with Sign, reminded passersby to wear SPF during a parade featuring signs with dermatologist-approved sun-safe skin advice to amplify the message further, the brand noted.

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One of the biggest misconceptions about SPF is that it is only needed on warm weather days. Of course, when the weather is warm we may find ourselves spending more time outdoors and directly in the sun, but wearing SPF should be a daily ritual and this message is what CeraVe is working to promote,” Colon said. “We continue to advocate for the daily usage of SPF, as the sun’s rays can reach you on a cloudy or cool day, when driving or sitting in a train, even when working near a window. We work hand in hand with dermatologists and skin experts to develop products that are rooted in science and formulated with carefully selected ingredients.”

The parade, which took place at the same time as the American Academy of Dermatology’s annual dermatology conference, gave the brand a chance to spread the message of the importance of SPF alongside leading dermatologists.

Developing healthy skin habits, specifically incorporating SPF products into routines, can be challenging. Still, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Nkem Ugonabo recommends incorporating products that already have SPF included in them to ensure UV protection.

“It is beneficial to have SPF in your daily moisturizer, as applying sunscreen and moisturizer daily can be cumbersome for some patients, particularly those with dry skin. So having a moisturizer with adequate SPF can make this easier,” Dr. Nkem Ugonabo said. “I also recommend my patients use an SPF of at least 30 on the face and choose an SPF that is broad-spectrum and water-resistant.”

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Though SPF protection isn’t something consumers should turn to as the weather gets warmer. Incorporating these habits all-year round is just as vital.

Even when it's cloudy outside, harmful UV rays are still present. I always tell my patients, "just because you can't see the sun's rays, does not mean they can't see you,” Dr. Nkem Ugonabo said. “As for indoors, harmful sun rays can penetrate through windows, so I often recommend people still apply sunscreen even if they are not planning to go outside. For healthy SPF habits all year long, I focus on keeping sunscreen in a very visible place so that you don't forget to apply it.”

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