Cheeky Bonsai women’s personal care products roll out to Target

Cheeky Bonsai UTI Strips, UTI Pain Relief and Bye Bye UTI Drink Mix products are available at
Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor

Cheeky Bonsai is expanding its retail distribution of its vaginal health and personal care products.

The company recently announced that several of its products are now available at Target stores and online at

Originally launched on TikTok, the brand focused on spreading its message of helping women better understand their bodies and normalizing the discussion regarding women’s vaginal health, the company said.

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Cheeky Bonsai launched the following products at Target:

  • UTI Strips, an at-home UTI test strip that gives results in two minutes. Each kit includes three UTI tests, which can detect leukocytes or white blood cells, and nitrites to see if an infection is present in the urinary tract;
  • Bye Bye UTI Drink Mix, a powder that helps support urinary tract health with a combination of D-mannose, cranberry, antioxidants and electrolytes. The drink mix comes in a berry-hibiscus flavor that mixes easily into water; and
  • UTI Pain Relief, a tablet that provides relief of such symptoms as urinary pain, discomfort, burning and urgency. The relief tablets contain an analgesic and phenazopyridine hydrochloride that numbs the pain in the lower urinary tract.

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Consumers can find Cheeky Bonsai’s Bye Bye UTI Drink Mix at 240 Target stores nationwide. The UTI Strips, UTI Pain Relief and Bye Bye UTI Drink Mix are available online at

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