Chobani debuts limited edition co-branded shake

a close up of a bottle

Chobani has a new, short-lived collaboration up its sleeve.

The company announced that it has joined forces with Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby to roll out its new Complete Shake Cody Rigsby Edition.

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“I’ve been a fan of Chobani yogurt for many years. This is a partnership made in heaven as we both love making sweat and nutrition accessible to all levels of fitness fans,” said Cody Rigsby. “Now I can grab and go with my go-to snack that’s great tasting and good for you. Look, mom! My face is on my favorite yogurt!”

Featuring 25 g of protein, 3 g of fiber and 0 g of added sugar, as well as essential amino acids to help build muscle, the shake does not contain lactose, the company said.

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“It is important for us to work with people who are authentically fans of Chobani, like Cody,” said Federico Muyshondt, Chobani's chief commercial officer. “To have Cody champion our advanced nutrition yogurt will help more people learn about the power of Chobani Complete as a great complement to their active lifestyles.”

Made without the use of non-GMO ingredients, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, starches or artificial flavors, the shake is made with locally-sourced milk, the company said.