Cure Aqua Gel launches beauty set

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Cure Aqua Gel launches beauty set

By Gisselle Gaitan - 03/23/2020

Cure Aqua Gel, by Toyo Life Service International, is launching a set that contains several of its most popular products.

The brand, which approaches skin care with a remove, replenish and retain focus, features products that aim to cater to the skin in all categories. 

Consisting of three products that come in travel size and would normally total for $106 — the set, which can be found on Amazon, retails for $69.50. 

Featured products in the box include:

  • Cure Aqua Gel, which exfoliates the skin and aims to remove the dried-up top layer. Users will see mini white bumps and dots begin to form as the product is massaged onto the skin, signaling dead skin cells being removed. Ingredients in the gel include activated hydrogen water, aloe ginkgo and rosemary extract;
  • Cure Water Treatment, which looks to hydrate the skin without oil. It is an all-in-one cream that can be used as a daily moisturizer for day and night, and also doubles as a body lotion; and
  • Cure Bathtime, which is made from ruby sock salt from Nepal, can be gently splashed onto the face once mixed in a basin with warm water and aims to provide users with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

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