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DiGiorno expands breakfast, pizza varieties


DiGiorno is adding more than just pizza to its offerings.

The brand recently launched new items across several of its product lines, including Breakfast Croissant Crust Pizza, Fully Stuffed Crust Pizza and Hand-Tossed Crust Style Personal Size Pizzas.

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A full list of DiGiorno’s latest launches include:

  • Breakfast Croissant Crust Pizza, now available in an eggs Benedict style in cinnamon roll and sausage and gravy varieties. It features multiple layers of a buttery crust and is made with real cheese, cage-free eggs, premium pork sausage and real cinnamon. It is available at select retailers nationwide;
  • Fully Stuffed Crust Pizza, now available in double pepperoni and ultimate three meat options, features a full layer of real mozzarella cheese sandwiched between two layers of a crispy crust. It will launch at select retailers nationwide in June; and
  • Hand-Tossed Crust Style Personal Size Pizzas, now available in BBQ recipe chicken and chicken Alfredo, is a hand-tossed crust style pizza that can be heated in a microwave, oven or air fryer. It is available at select retailers nationwide.

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Additional information on the new launches can be found on DiGiorno’s website.

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