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Dojo Labs’ nootropic-based supplements arrive at GNC shelves

Dojo Labs’ nootropic-based supplements will be available at more than 1,000 GNC locations nationwide beginning in December.
dojo labs nootropic

Dojo Labs recently shared that beginning in December, its nootropic-based supplements will be available at more than 1,000 GNC locations nationwide.

“We’re entering GNC at the right time for this product, and the right time in the market, post-pandemic,” said Dojo Labs CEO and co-founder, Laura Brooks. “People want to do more efficiently and are looking for healthier, solutions-driven, energy alternatives with natural ingredients. They also want their sleep to be more restorative, even if they have less of it than they’d like. We are so grateful to GNC for recognizing the potential of this brand and how these two core products work together seamlessly.”

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Products that the health and wellness retailer will carry include:

  • Energy & Focus Nootropic Capsules: Made with nootropics, adaptogens, vitamins and 150 mg of caffeine, it is time-released into the body over six hours, and work to support sustained long-term energy; and
  • Rest & Recharge Deep Sleep Nootropic Tincture: Featuring such relaxation-focused ingredients as lavender, chamomile and valerian root, it works to help users obtain restful sleep without melatonin.

“The introduction of Dojo Labs at GNC allows us to continue on our quest towards helping more people Live Well,” said Kevin Maloberti, vice president of merchandising at GNC. “Our curated product assortment is designed to support consumers as they build and achieve wellness goals throughout life stages and these products will allow us to offer support in a growing category.”

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All of Dojo Labs’ products are developed by nutrition and supplement experts and made with naturally sourced ingredients, the company said.

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